Tuesday, 21 February 2017

UPS on Track to Use Delivery Drones This Year That Launch from Roof of Electric Trucks

The technology company Workhorse has unveiled a delivery drone that launches from the roof of electric trucks.  UPS has begun testing the drones in Florida.  Workhorse CEO Steve Burns discusses the benefits of the drones and when consumers might see those drones dropping off deliveries at their front doors.

According to Burns, Workhorse and UPS have focused the testing on rural areas.

“FAA likes rural because not many people to fly under, or over, and for UPS, that’s the most expensive delivery, it’s the furthest to go,” Burns told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

As the delivery drones are tested and improved, Burns predicts that they will expand beyond rural areas.

Trump administration widens net for immigrant deportation

Undocumented immigrants arrested for traffic violations or shop-lifting will be targeted along with those convicted of more serious crimes.

The memos do not alter US immigration laws, but take a much tougher approach towards enforcing existing measures.

There are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the US.

Five questions ahead of new US travel ban
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said on Tuesday the new guidelines would not usher in mass deportations, but were designed to empower agents to enforce laws already on the books.

"The president wanted to take the shackles off individuals in these agencies," Mr Spicer said.

Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein: Trump’s attacks on the press are more dangerous than Nixon’s

The reporter who helped expose an infamously paranoid, manipulative and destructive president said Sunday that Richard Nixon had nothing on Donald Trump.

“Trump's attacks on the American press as 'enemies of the American people' are more treacherous than Richard Nixon's attacks on the press," former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein said Sunday on CNN.

Trump's comments — made publicly, whereas Nixon attacked his enemies in private — brought to mind “dictators and authoritarians, including Stalin, including Hitler," Bernstein said.

Heterosexual couple lose civil partnership challenge

A heterosexual couple have lost their Court of Appeal battle to have a civil partnership instead of a marriage.

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, from London, challenged a ruling that said they did not meet the legal requirement of being the same sex.

The judges said there was a potential human rights breach but the government should have more time to decide on the future of civil partnerships.

The couple said there was still "everything to fight for".

They intend to appeal to the Supreme Court.

A government spokesman said it welcomed the ruling and that it would take the judgement into account during its evaluation of civil partnerships.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Baby born with brain outside his skull shocks doctors with remarkable progress

Little Jayden Moyo was born with part of his brain outside his skull with a growth so big doctors had never seen one like it before.

After marathon surgery, the toddler shocked doctors with his remarkable progress.

Now a happy and healthy toddler, Jayden is cherished by his parents who know how precious his life is.

The Perth boy was born with a massive growth protruding from a hole between his eyes.

Vic plane crashed in a fireball: witnesses

The Beechcraft Super King Air twin-engine aircraft with five aboard struck the DFO Essendon about 9am on Tuesday after taking off from nearby Essendon Airport, heading for King Island.
Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane told reporters it was a catastrophic crash and all five aboard were believed dead.
"It looks like no-one has survived the crash," he said.
"Looking at the fireball, it is incredibly lucky that no-one was at the back of those stores or in the car park of the stores that no-one was even hurt."
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says is "the worst civil aviation accident that our state has seen for 30 years".
The plane was carrying a golfing party bound for King Island links, The Advocate newspaper in Tasmania reported.
Unconfirmed reports on twitter say the party was four US tourists and an Australian pilot.
Superintendent Mick Frewen said there was a mayday call shortly after take off.

Authorities were reluctant to confirm who was on the plane or their nationalities, saying only that family members were being contacted.
Witness Carmel Brown told AAP there was a huge explosion when the plane hit.
"There was a big crash and then a big red fireball, like a mushroom," she said
Ash Mayer, a storeman at The Good Guys, felt the crash reverberate through his building.
"We were just coming off the off-ramp, we felt just everything shake and a massive explosion and a fireball go up," he told AAP.
"We just knew this was bad and there was nothing we could do.
"One of the boys actually saw it go down and he's now left because he can't deal with it."
Craig Lapsley, Emergency Management Commissioner, said witnesses had been treated for shock and trauma but not physical injuries.
Firefighters have extinguished the blaze that travelled from the aircraft, through the building and out into the car park fueled by aviation fuel.
"So that is where obviously the area itself is quarantined for the investigation and will be for some hours," he said.

Homes damaged, thousands without power after Texas storms

Thunderstorms backed by racing winds set off a string of tornado warnings in parts of southeast Texas on Sunday and into Monday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

The strong storms, along with intensifying wind shears, may have produced a tornado, the agency said.

At least 100 homes were reported damaged late Sunday in San Antonio, the National Weather Service told CNN. Officials plan to send out teams Monday morning to survey losses.

Nearly 40,000 customers in the San Antonio area remain without power, CPS Energy said. Two minor injuries were reported, officials said.

In Thrall, Texas -- 120 miles northeast of San Antonio -- strong storms after midnight Monday caused a train to partially derail, the weather service told CNN.